Coal miner offers helping hand to local Meals on Wheels program
July 16, 2012

The Morisset and Toronto Meals on Wheels has served the Lake Macquarie community for over 40 years, preparing and delivering over 1265 meals to 170 clients – primarily the elderly, younger disabled and their carers - each month. Centennial Coal has proudly supported the Meals on Wheels program with a financial sponsorship for over three years. 

But the coal miner recently decided to take its contribution up a notch, responding to Meals on Wheels’ need for more volunteers. Centennial Coal and Meals on Wheels worked together to develop the Centennial Meals on Wheels volunteer programme, recruiting a team of dedicated volunteers from the Centennial Coal.

“It’s truly a rare and unique programme we have with Centennial Coal. They are the first company to not only help us financially but also provide us with a willing team of volunteers who don’t hesitate to pitch in and help. It is great to see a local company care,” said Toni, Toronto Meals on Wheels coordinator.


Starting off with nine volunteers, the Centennial team has grown to 21 volunteers from across a broad cross section of the company. They now deliver meals across 36 suburbs in the Toronto and Morisset area twice a month.


“It’s a fantastic programme to be a part of it. It really opens up our way of thinking in regards to how important volunteering is and what a vital part of our local community Meals on Wheels plays,” said Centennial Coal Project Manager Peter Cook.

“Our Meals on Wheels programme not only gets us out and about, meeting and helping people, but also helps us form better working relationships with our colleagues from different parts of the business,” he said.  

Centennial encourages its people to be involved in this volunteering program, in the hopes that its volunteers continue to contribute to the Meals on Wheels well into their retirement. The Meals on Wheels volunteer program continues to grow, and Centennial is looking forward to continuing its support of the Morisset and Toronto Meals on Wheels.

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