High school students star at Dungog Film Festival
July 04, 2012

The students produced their 8-minute feature film with mentor John O’Brien, who has worked as a scriptwriter on TV series including Fireflies and Water Rats. The film follows Penny, played by Camilla Lambert, as she struggles to log enough hours in her Learner Driver’s Logbook.

With the guidance of their drama teacher Louise Rowley, the students created the whole film, from writing the script, to acting, filming and editing. NSW Mining is proud to have provided a grant that supplied cameras and other equipment, as well as to have facilitated John O’Brien’s involvement. 

We caught up with Louise at the Dungog Film Festival, where she said the students had worked really hard and are so proud of their efforts. 

Dungog High 648 x 353

“Thank you so much for your ongoing support of filmmaking at Dungog High. We have improved our skills to what I think is an amazing level and are very lucky to receive your support in being able to have John on board and to purchase equipment that has made this all possible,” Louise told us at the Dungog Film Festival.

UnCarOrdinated was one of many student-produced films screened in the historic James Theatre on the first day of the festival, the Dungog High students got a great response from the audience of filmmakers and fans.

This year, the Festival made a special effort to emphasize the local community, and with its local setting and local talent, UnCarOrdinated was a big hit. Click here to see the students featured on NBN News.

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