Around 93,000 people work in mining and minerals processing in NSW
November 07, 2011

The skills and experiences learnt in mining can set you up for life. Mining jobs can encompass so much more than you might think. We have specialists in fields like environmental science, who work to regenerate land for native plants and animals, or health and safety, who make sure our people arrive home safe from their shifts. Professionals from fields as diverse as law, human resources and communications, and tradespeople like electricians and truck drivers, are all valued in mining too.


The 93,000 people employed in mining and minerals processing spend their higher than average wages in regional communities like Singleton, Mudgee, Wollongong and Orange which helps people working in other service industries.


We also pride ourselves on our innovation and health and safety record. We never forget that the most important thing to come out of a mine is our people.


Many mining companies have global operations which means our miners have the opportunity to travel for work, not just in Australia but around the world.


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Please visit the Mining Careers website for further information on careers in the industry.

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