Helping put teachers in classrooms & nurses in hospitals
June 04, 2013

NSW mining is an important part of the NSW economy, but did you know that our miners also help our nurses, teachers and police do their jobs too.

That’s because mining royalties provided to the State Government – around $1.5 billion in 2011-12 – all help provide essential services as well as the important transport infrastructure that helps us get around the state. 

This important contribution, which is on top of company taxes and other charges, help to put teachers in classrooms, police officers on in our communities and nurses in our hospital wards; by doing their jobs, NSW miners are helping some of the most important people in our community to do theirs. 


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And Sydney’s connection to mining isn’t just in taxes paid to the government. There are dozens of mining work sites right across the city in places like Campbelltown, Liverpool, Alexandria, North Sydney, Parramatta, Chatswood and Hornsby.

That’s because there are businesses all over our city supplying our mines and NSW miners. And that’s good for local jobs. Last year our miners spent $1.7 billion in Sydney on goods and services in manufacturing, professional services, retail and more. 

That includes over $80 million in Campbelltown and more than $120 million in Blacktown spent on things like the equipment that makes mining possible and crucial services like education & training and environmental science; the mining industry is supporting  businesses like WesTrac in Parramatta and FlexCo in Baulkham Hills, among many others.   

In total our miners spent more than $9.3 billion in goods and services and wages across the state in 2011-12 which is money that helps to generate local jobs and economic growth across our state. 



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