Mapping Sydney’s Mining Boom
May 18, 2012

We hear a lot about mining, but most people assume it happens away from Sydney in WA, Queensland or in regional NSW. But the economic benefits of mining are much closer than you may think. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show more than 7,000 people are directly employed in mining in Sydney and a survey of major NSW mining companies has found that there are more than 3,800 businesses in Sydney that are supplying the industry.


Many of these businesses are found in the Sydney’s west and southwest where 1,327 businesses work with us, providing our clothing that our workers wear, transport and trucking and the drill rigs we use. In Sydney’s northwest there are 530 businesses working with NSW Miners providing our conveyor belts that help us deliver our minerals from our underground mine sites to the surface and to the power stations that provide the energy for most homes and businesses in NSW.


Mapping Sydneys Mining Boom 648 x 318


The reach extends right into the South of Sydney where we get our generators and electrical equipment. Even Central Sydney has some 989 businesses that work with mining.


And we haven’t mentioned the range of professional services we also work with – from accountants and lawyers, to health providers, scientists and insurance providers, these businesses and many more all benefit from our State’s mining industry. 

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