NSW Mining: spurring local economies
November 20, 2012

A new survey of 21 mining companies operating in NSW has found that the industry contributed almost $19 billion to the NSW economy last year. But that economic benefit isn’t just felt in regional parts of the state that usually come to mind when people think of mining - it may come as a surprise that the mining industry adds over $1.8 billion to Sydney’s economy per year.


That’s thanks to $300 million in wages paid to thousands of employees and another $1.5 billion spent on goods, services and community contributions. That means that mining isn’t just creating direct jobs around Sydney, but also benefits local businesses that provide the clothing and equipment used by our world class miners.

NSW Mining_Graphic_Sydney

And when the full knock-on effects of that direct spending are taken into account, the industry adds around $4 billion to the Sydney economy.


What’s more, over one-third of this economic contribution is felt in parts of Western Sydney, like Fairfield, Blacktown, Auburn and Penrith. So it’s not just the miners out in regional NSW, or the folks in head office, but people working all around Sydney and NSW who reap the economic benefits of the mining industry.

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