Cattleman and coal mine unearth the formula for shared success
June 22, 2013

These aren’t just any cows. These are top quality cattle being bred to produce food for some of the best restaurants in Sydney and across NSW. 

Edderton is a 1,500 hectare property that includes a heritage listed homestead. It was bought by Mt Arthur Coal in 1992 and they now lease the land to Trevor and Narelle Petith for their beef business ‘HV Wagyu’. The homestead there was built in 1908 and has been used as a pastoral holding for sheep and cattle since 1914. Edderton is now home to a herd of 400 Angus cattle and 30 full-blood Wagyu cows. 


The Edderton property is just two kilometres from the Mt Arthur Coal mine, the largest coal mine in NSW, but Trevor Petith doesn’t think the mine is impacting the business.


“We’ve been here seven years and it’s been seven years of productive farming,” says Trevor. In that time, the Petiths have successfully bred Wagyu bulls with Angus cows to create an F1 crossbreed, which is now sold through a premium broker to some of the finest restaurants in Australia and around the world.

Aside from providing land next door to the mine for raising top notch cattle, the mine has also made a number of significant improvements to the property over the years. They’ve built a new dam, repaired two existing dams, rebuilt the property’s heritage meat house and established 3.5 kilometres of perimeter fencing for added security. 


“We used to run a farm in the Hastings Valley in Northern NSW, but didn’t have as much land as we do now at Edderton. We wouldn’t be farming here if it weren’t for Mt Arthur Coal and the work they have done to maintain and restore this property,” he said.


Trevor’s spent his whole life as a farmer, but he believes both industries can thrive together and that mining is as important to Australia’s future as farming.

“For our state and country, we need the mining industry for employment. The mines bring a lot of employment to this area,” he says.

Hear more from Trevor about working and living next door to the state’s largest coal mine at our YouTube channel.

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