Commercial forestry trial could lead to a new industry
December 14, 2011

Coal & Allied’s Hunter Valley Operations near Singleton is contributing to the potential establishment of a forestry industry in the Hunter Valley through a commercial forest plantation trial.


The Hunter Valley experiences small annual rainfalls of 600 to 700 millimetres with low tree growth rates due to the lack of rain and relatively poor soils. This trial will indicate whether a commercial size forest in the Hunter Valley can be achieved.


Around 80,000 eucalypts have been planted since the trial started in 2007. Promising results have been achieved with high survival rates of the trees.


Coal Allied - Forestry trial 648 x 401


The plantation will provide ecosystem diversity on what was previously grazing land. It also has carbon offset potential, with the forest expected to sequester around 20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Results of the trial have also been shared with a visiting Chinese delegation to promote the development of forest carbon sequestration in China.

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