Gold miner recycles up to 80% of water
October 24, 2011

Australia’s largest gold producer, Newcrest Mining, recycles up to 80% of the water it uses at its Cadia Valley Operations site near Orange.


Recycling water means that the impact of the mine on the local community and on water resources is reduced, while the mine can secure the water it needs for its operations.


Some mines have a storage dam or facility for the tailings, the material left over after the valuable part of the mineral has been separated from the rest. Cadia Valley Operations has achieved more efficient use of water through high tailings density and by minimising the tailings decant pools.


Further water savings are achieved through using treated effluent from Orange, which accounts for 7% of total water supply and is the largest external water source for the mine. A sewage treatment plant is also used at the site.

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