Green waste put to use at mines
November 15, 2011

Composted organics put carbon back into the soil, lowers soil temperature and helps with water savings and weed suppression.


Prior to mining, tests at Rix’s Creek Coal Mine near Singleton showed that some of the soils were fairly poor in quality and mostly unsuited to being used as top soil in the future. Rehabilitation at the site is underway as mining continues and miners there have delivered better environmental results by combining the soil with green waste.


Coal & Allied have also been trialling the use of organic waste as a compost to improve soil productivity and the local biodiversity in rehabilitation areas at Mount Thorley Warkworth and Hunter Valley Operations.


Many people throw organic waste like garden trimmings and food scraps into their rubbish bins that end up as landfill, even though it can be composted. Organic waste can make up around 40% of all rubbish in council garbage collections. Using waste at mine sites could be a more sustainable way to manage rehabilitation into the future.

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