Livestock grazing on rehabilitated land
February 18, 2013

NSW Miners and farmers are working together to return the land to a better condition, using a mine site to conduct regeneration trials and so livestock can graze on the land.


Peabody Energy’s Wilpinjong mine near Mudgee has employed specialists to take on a holistic management approach to the land and is making progress with its rehabilitation.


Mine land is being leased back to its previous owners and is now used to conduct rehabilitation and regeneration trials.


Wilpingjong 648


The controlled property is used for management of livestock, including for rotational grazing and rest.


Farming techniques are also communicated to local landholders and others who are interested in the progress of the land.


There are a variety of future land use options for the mine site, including for grazing activities and the establishment of woodland habitat.


Matt Frazer is one of the farmers whose land is near Peabody's mine site, and he believes that mining and agriculture work well together because they share the same objective: maintaining a healthy landscape. 


Matt and other farmers in the area agree that Peabody has successfully rejuvenated drought-affected land and improved the soil, making it into better land for farming. Watch the video below for more:


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