Miners build 'fish hotels' to regenerate habitats
April 14, 2012

Anglo American Metallurgical Coal’s Dartbrook mine is working together with Coal & Allied and BHP Billiton to contribute to the Hunter River Restoration Project, helping repair degraded environments and plant native trees, near the former mine site.


The log jam project is stabilising eroding river banks and enhancing fish habitat for native species such as Australian bass and mullet.


More than 1,000 logs have been used to create what are called ‘deflector log jams’ in the river which provide bed stability, a better line of flow and bank control.


A completed log jam 648 x 415


As well as retraining the river flow, fixed log box structures are placed against the bank. These structures, called ‘fish hotels’, enhance breeding conditions for the native fish, giving them a competitive advantage over the introduced species that currently dominate the waterway.


The project was initiated by Dartbrook mine and Coal & Allied and BHP Billiton have come on board to donate logs to help make the project possible.

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