Mining and Horse Breeding Industry working together in the Hunter
July 23, 2015
NSW Miners are showing that co-existence between the horse breeding industry and mining is not only possible, but that it works. 

Pictured: High quality horse stock grazing on Anglo American’s rehabilitated land near the Drayton mine.

Anglo American’s Drayton mine has launched a Rehab Equine Agistment program where it is monitoring a group of stock horses on a parcel of 20-year-old rehabilitated mine land.

The program is an opportunity to monitor any potential impact to the health of the horses from mining operations, as the rehab is taking place only 400 metres away from active mining sites. Drayton has utilised expert horse breeders for the program, who provide the stock and monitor the animals two to three times a month, while Drayton manages the program on a daily basis.

BHP Billiton Mt Arthur Coal’s owned horse stud in the Hunter is another great example of mining and horse breeding working together.

Edinglassie is a historic 500-acre property on the banks of the Hunter River. BHP Billiton Mt Arthur Coal purchased Edinglassie in 1998. It continues to be operated as a thoroughbred stud by its current leases, Mick and Michelle Talty.

Since the land was purchased by BHP Billiton, the stud has continued to produce high quality thoroughbred race horses. Edinglassie’s Group One race winners include Bentley Biscuit, Wonderful World, Gods Own, Nadeem, Tell a Tale, Sharscay, Miss Margaret, Suntain, Emerald dream and Lasserfaire. Approximately 50 foals were born at Edinglassie stud in 2011 alone.

Mt Arthur Coal monitors its potential impacts on the Edinglassie stud and homestead using a range of monitors located at the property.

Both mining and agriculture are two critical economic pillars of the Hunter region. It’s vital that both these industries are supported and coexist for the future of the region.

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