New website tackles myths about mining and land use
May 01, 2012

We want to share the facts about mining in NSW. Facts like that mining accounts for only 0.1% of NSW land, compared to 76% for agriculture, 3.7% for forestry and 1.8% for urban and rural residential. Facts like that the State’s National Parks are off-limits to mining, accounting for 7.6% of NSW’s land. 


Many people may not realise that mining is also a small user of water in NSW, accounting for 1.4% of water use. And most water that we use in mining is reused or recycled. Other industries account for a much greater proportion of the State’s water use, like agriculture, which accounts for nearly 50% of water use in NSW. 


Another fact is that mine sites must be rehabilitated. Former mine sites can be used for different purposes and can even become forests, parks, grazing and farm land. 


There has been a great deal of misinformation and rhetoric from anti-mining political groups in response to the development of the Government’s Strategic Regional Land Use Policy.  We know that it’s not about choosing one industry over another - we want industries to co-exist and prosper. 


That’s why we advocate a fact-based approach to planning and land use. This new website will help to build responsible discussions based on facts, so visit Land Use Facts to find out more about mining and land use in NSW. 

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