“Stealth Fleet” trucks lower mine site noise
June 11, 2013

Collaboration between a miner and two equipment manufacturers has resulted in less noise around a coal mine in Central West NSW.

NSW miners work hard to minimise impacts on their surroundings, including disruption caused by noise. Mines across the state think outside the box to find ways to reduce noise, just like the crew at Moolarben Coal, near Mudgee. They’ve come up with an innovative solution to manage noise by applying an existing technology to their trucks. 

The trucks are fitted with customised rubber matting on the inside of the tray - Duratray’s Suspended Dump Bodies - which dampens the sound of the rocks landing as they are loaded. The technology had been around for some time, but was used for a different application. These world class miners took the initiative to use existing technology in a new way, all with the aim of reducing environmental noise. 



It’s the first mine site in Australia to use Duratray’s Suspended Dump Bodies on a fleet of Komatsu trucks as a way to keep noise levels down.  A trial of the technology proved even more impressive than anticipated, and Moolarben invested millions to buy four new haul trucks with the customised Duratray Suspended Dump Bodies. 

NSW mining operations adhere to regulated noise limits, but sometimes staying within the limits can disrupt and delay operations. This collaboration between Komatsu, Duratray and Moolarben means that not only does the community benefit from less noise, but there are also fewer operational delays on the mine site. 

It’s another example of our NSW Miners innovating to minimise the impact of mining on the environment and the community. Because it’s not enough just to be good for the economy, we want to be good for NSW.

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