Mining fund managed by community
October 31, 2011

Changing from traditional practices where a company decides on the community’s behalf, Shenhua Watermark has given decision-making power to its community, who represent different groups like business, education, health and Indigenous people.


The Shenhua Watermark Community Fund is designed to support the development of the region’s economy and to enhance the environment, improve facilities and promote training and employment opportunities.


Shenhua Watermark has appointed a Community Fund Committee to take on the responsibility of how to allocate the money. The Committee has identified five focus areas needing funding: environment, social and community development, training and education, health and community infrastructure.


Management of the fund is handled by the Committee, which reviewed over 100 applications in a single year. According to the company, it was a fair and transparent process for distributing grants, as the decision-making was all handled by community members representing a wide variety of its local groups.

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