World’s quietest trucks at Mt Arthur Coal
July 31, 2012

The equipment, including haul trucks and excavators, was developed by Mt Arthur Coal in collaboration with equipment manufacturers to help reduce the impact of operational noise from the mine site on nearby residents and landowners. 

The first quiet trucks and excavators were introduced to Mt Arthur Coal in 2002 and much of the mine’s equipment now includes a variety of sound suppression features to reduce noise. Excavation equipment is fitted with sound absorbing panels throughout the engine bay, under the deck area and inside the counterweight. Electronic speed controlled fans in the engine further reduce noise by only operating when needed to cool the equipment.

There are similar sound suppression features on Mt Arthur Coal’s diesel electric haul trucks. These include specially designed mufflers to reduce exhaust noise and an aerodynamically designed fan, coupled with a larger capacity radiator, to cool the vehicle at a lower and quieter fan speed.

quiet haul trucks 644 x 397


Mt Arthur Coal designed and constructed a noise testing facility – the first of its kind in the world – to test new and existing equipment under a range of operational conditions.  

Using this facility, Mt Arthur Coal regularly tests the noise emitted from each of its trucks, excavators and other mobile equipment to ensure it is below the site’s maximum noise limits. This is just one way that NSW Miners are developing innovative techniques in order to minimise the noise impact on the local community.

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