Think safe, work safe, home safe
November 30, 2011

NSW Miners have the best health and safety record in the world and we’ve been to see Centennial Coal’s Charbon Mine between Mudgee and Lithgow where the team there has gone more than 750 days without what is known as a ‘Lost Time Injury’. It is a fantastic achievement for a workforce of around 150 people in what can be a hazardous environment, soundly beating their previous best stretch of 211 days.


The Mine Manager Brian Nicholls puts the improvements at the mine down to a commitment from the top of the company, better communication and not being afraid of doing things differently. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and a lot of what we have learned about safety at work applies in everyday life outside the mine too such as driving, managing fatigue and having a proper balance between work and family time.


Safety remains is the top priority for the mining industry. Our people are the best at what they do in the world and these results at Centennial Coal’s Charbon Mine are a great example of how we are leading the world. But we won’t rest because there is nothing more important to come out of a mine than our people.

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