VIDEO: Simulation technology prepares operators for all situations
June 04, 2013

Glencore Xstrata's world class miners are using simulation technology to train operators, preparing them to respond to emergency situations at coal mines across NSW.

The simulators are used across ten of Glencore Xstrata’s NSW mine sites, and provide trainee operators an opportunity to learn to operate machinery without being exposed to potential risks in the mine itself. 


Operators practice responses to a variety of scenarios, progressing through ten levels of training before being assessed for competency.


Aside from providing a safe training environment, the simulator exposes trainees to a full range of conditions that they might face on the job, like varying weather. "It might not rain for six months. [With the simulator] we can do that today," says Gary Roberts, Training Coordinator for Glencore Xstrata NSW. 


The technology is also helping to drive the education and empowerment of operators in effectively managing impacts, particularly dust levels, through assessment of responses to a range of simulated environmental events.


"Humans can always play a role in training, and always in the operations. When they’re out in the pit operating, human skill plays a big factor. If the truck catches on fire, we rely on their ability to be able to deal with that," says Gary.

"Technology now enables us to let these guys demonstrate for themselves that they can do it, so when they get out into real life and have that incident, they’re able to carry out without panicking and hopefully do the full response."

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