Young drivers put safety first
November 25, 2011

The Kids of Cadia project was created to reduce risk and to increase awareness of the consequences of road accidents. The project was developed by a group of apprentices from the Cadia Valley Operations mine near Orange so the format could be easily understood by other young people.


Apprentices and young participants heard stories about road accidents and the impact they can have on people and their families.


As a result of the program, reported incidents while driving to and from work have reduced substantially from within the Apprenticeship group. Responses from a 12 month follow up also showed a reduction in the number of accidents and driving offences from the participants. The project has been shared with other mine sites and organisations.


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The Mine Safety Advisory Council also ran a road safety program in Cobar in 2010 for young mine employees, based on Kids of Cadia. It involved a full-day workshop with representatives from the State Emergency Services, the Rural Fire Service and Police Highway Patrol who shared their experiences of road accidents and their impact on young people and the community.

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