Mines and vines working together
December 08, 2014
Ogilvie View, the former Roxburgh Vineyard, is a productive vineyard near Muswellbrook with an active area of 35 hectares under vines.

The property is located around 2kms west of BHP Billiton's Mt Arthur Coal mine, which bought the vineyard from Foster's Group in November 2009 and engaged an experienced vineyard manager to make sure that it remains productive.

More recently the vineyard has been leased to an established winemaker from the Lower Hunter under a long term agreement. They manage the day-to-day operations of the vineyard and the fruit they produce is now going into their existing labels or can be sold to other winemakers in the area.

The vineyard is predominantly Chardonnay, with small areas of Semillon, which is known to be a specialty of the Hunter Valley. New grape varieties, including Vermintino, are also being planted at the property.  

BHPBMtA_MAC Vineyard w Luke Stevens Property Coord, Steven Turner Vineyard Mgr Windmill Agribusiness 648 x 367

Luke Stevens, Property Coordinator with Steven Turner, Vineyard Manager

Mt Arthur Coal works closely with a vineyard manager to supply water to the vineyard from the Hunter River through water access licences.

Some of the vineyard has also been recultivated into farmland and is currently being used for cattle grazing and intensive dry land cropping.

Mt Arthur Coal has made significant improvements to the property, including removing less productive vines, undertaking regular maintenance and implementing a soil a fertiliser program. A three-year program has also been implemeted to further enhance the property's quality and productivity. 

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