New England Land Use Facts
November 11, 2015

Mining has a very small footprint in the New England region, accounting for less than 0.1% of land, while agriculture accounts for more than 72% of the region's land.
All land used for mining will be rehabilitated when mining is complete. And importantly, despite the claims of some, no mining is occurring or planned for the black soil plains on the Liverpool Plains.
Similarly in relation to water use, in the high quality, high yielding aquifers in the region, around 92% of the water rights are held for irrigation, followed by stock and domestic use, town water supply, and finally industrial and mining use with around 0.4% of rights.
And mines have to be licensed for any water they take from the system, just like any other water user.
Mining is important to the local economy, providing many hundreds of local jobs - over 400 miners live in Gunnedah alone. In 2014/15 local mines spent $126 million on wages, salaries and purchasing goods and services with over 175 local businesses.
Watch this video to find out more about land use in the New England region.

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