Cleanskins at Ulan West
June 03, 2014
Cleanskins is the sort of term you might usually equate with wine, but our World Class Miners are using cleanskins of a different variety to build a strong safety culture at one of our NSW mines.
Back in 2012, Glencore’s new Ulan West underground mine near Mudgee embarked on an unusual strategy to build a world class mining workforce, recruiting men and women new to the industry but skilled in a range of areas. Today, 90 per cent of their workforce are “clean skins” at one of the company’s most productive and safest mines. 

Looking for people across regional NSW, Glencore was inundated by applicants during a roadshow across regional NSW with over 6,000 people from all walks of life, including farmers, butchers, telcos, IT workers and carpenters to name a few, looking for a new start at the mine. Each of them have approached their new careers with the sort of enthusiasm that is helping to build a hardworking, motivated culture from the ground up.
As with any big change, Glencore was met with some doubts but their perseverance has paid off, with passion and energy from the team of “clean skins” making up for their lack of direct experience. Ulan West operates 24/7 with 900 employees and has an impressive safety record, that is still improving today. They believe this is due to the “productive” nature of their workers, as “productive people are thinking about everything” as they work, and naturally “safety is one of those things.”
This fresh way of thinking is another reason that our NSW Miners are world class, and shows the dedication our industry has to striving for zero harm in the workplace, so that our miners can be confident and proud in the work that they do and go home safely to their family at the end of their shift while making an important contribution to our state and the economy.

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